Examining the Compatibility of Tesla Model Y with HOV Mags

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Examining the Compatibility of Tesla Model Y with HOV Mags

Do you ever wonder if your car model is compatible with HOV Mags? This is a question many ask, and in response, a demonstration with a Tesla Model Y was carried out.

You might know that many modern day exterior car panels are no longer made of steel. Auto manufacturers have replaced steel with aluminum or plastic to save on cost and increase fuel efficiency. This change can influence whether an HOV Mag will stick to your car.

To check this, you can do a simple test. Take any household magnet, making sure to clean the magnetic side so it doesn't scratch your car. You might even want to wrap the magnet in a thin cloth for extra protection.

Next, test each panel on your car to see if they're magnetic. When there's a strong connection, you'll know the panel is compatible and will hold an HOV Mag. According to CA DMV guidance, you should check the front driver side, rear driver side, rear passenger side, and trunk.

With the Tesla Model Y, you'll find the front driver side panel, rear driver side panel, rear passenger side panel, and trunk are all compatible. The Tesla Model 3 also follows the same configuration, making it compatible with HOV Mags as well.