Removable HOV Lane Decal Magnets

California / New York / Florida

Pop your decals on when you need them, take them off when you don't, and keep your car looking great!

HOV Mags v2.0 - Available NOW!

Refined Made-to-Fit & Clean Logo-less Look for your state clean air decals!


I've received my state stickers.

You've received your Clean Air / Clean Pass / High Occupancy vehicle decals but, as we all know, they're overly sticky with a heavy residue, and you don't want to risk damaging your car and paint!If you want to learn more about attainting your state clean air/high occupancy decals - check out our FAQ section.


But I don't want to ruin my car.

HOV Mags are custom-made removable sets of magnetic strips which attach your state Clean Air / Clean Pass / High Occupancy decals to your car safely for carpool and HOV lane use.


What else do I need to know?

Please check to ensure your car exterior is magnetic before ordering HOV Mags - you can find a list of known compatible cars in our FAQ.You can also find more information on our warranty, installation instructions and other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

HOV Mags

Simple. No stress. No ruined car paint.

HOV Mags

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Purchase your own set of HOV Mags, custom-made to fit the state Clean Air / Clean Pass / High Occupancy decals you've received.Protect your paint. Keep your car look clean. Order your HOV Mags now.



New York

HOV Mags v2.0 - Available NOW!New, Updated Design - No Logos, Designed to Fit, Stronger Magnet, Plain Surface!Note: Does Not Include State HOV Stickers!

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How should I use my HOV Mags? How do I install them?
- Remove the magnet from packaging fully, and apply the state decal to the non-logo side.
- Clean metallic bumper or car paneling where the mags will be applied.
- Attach the HOV Mags to your car and ensure a secure connection.
What cars are confirmed to be compatible with HOV Mags?
- Tesla Model 3
- Tesla Model Y
- Toyota Prius Hybrid
- The most frequently asked question about our magnets is whether your car model is compatible, particularly Tesla models. Aluminum and plastic car panels are not magnetic. Steel panels are. The majority of modern exterior car panels are no longer made of steel, as companies look t o save money and increase fuel efficiency, they have replaced steel panels with aluminum or plastic panels. You can use a fridge magnet to test whether or not your magnet will stick to your car.
(*testing ongoing for further cars)
Which autos are eligible for the program?
A full list of car manufacturer makes and models can be found on the state websites here
- CA:
- NY:
- MD:
Where can I apply for the state HOV Lane Sticker?
You can learn more, register and apply for your state decals at the states websites listed here:
- CA:
- NY:
- MD:
What is your return policy?
- We have a 30 day refund policy.
- Please see Amazon refund policy for more details.
Do you provide any warranty?
- We provide a 90 day manufacturing warranty service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you promptly (
Please note:
- We are not responsible for stolen magnets (reminder: we suggest to remove HOV Mags from your car when not in use) or damages to car.

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